Below are a series of basic tutorial videos we have created to assist with the use of our new membership portal.


Tutorials One, Two & Three cover elements of an individual profile. Tutorials Four & Five are for those with Club Administrator roles


Please note if you are a club looking to join UK Gymnastics please follow the instructions on our membership page

UKG Membership Portal - Tutorial One

Tutorial One


This video covers the following topics:

  • How to sign up to the UK Gymnastics Membership & Events Portal

  • How to access & edit your profile

  • How to add credentials & qualifications to your profile

  • How to use the My Enquiries facility

UKG Membership Portal - Tutorial Two

Tutorial Two


This video covers the following topics

  • How to purchase membership for yourself

  • How to add family members & purchase membership for them

  • How to download a membership certificate

UKG Membership Portal - Tutorial Three

Tutorial Three


This video covers the following topics

  • How to book spectator tickets for competitions

  • How to book a gymnast onto a competition

  • How to book onto a course

UKG Membership Portal - Tutorial Four

Tutorial Four


This video covers the following topics

  • How to view & edit your club profile

  • How to view & edit existing members

UKG Membership Portal - Tutorial Five

Tutorial Five


This video covers the following topics

  • How to add new & existing members to your club

  • How to add families to your club

  • How to import multiple members to your club

  • How to bulk renew memberships.

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