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Q: Is UK Gymnastics associated with British Gymnastics?

A: UK Gymnastics is an independent body aiming to promote the sport of Gymnastics and has no direct connection with British Amatuer Gymnastics Association.

Q: Can a child do a trail session before becoming a member of UK Gymnasitcs?

A: Those new to gymnastics are covered for 2 classes prior to full membership being needed. However extra superviosion will be needed on these classes, as those attending may not be familar with the environment or fully understand the insturctions being given.

Q: Are Birthday parties covered?

A: Yes Birthday parties are now covered under the UK Gymnastics Policy. There can be a maximum of 25 party guests, but they must be supevised as per our particpant ratio information. *Trampolining birthday parties are also covered under the same rules, but are subject to a higher excess.

Q:  Are Birthday parties only available for those who are currently members of UK Gymnastics?

A: No. Birthday parties can be held for non-members but there must be no more than 25 guest and must be supervised as per our participant ratio information. *Trampoling birthday parties are also covered for non-members but are subject to a higher excess.

Q: Do you provide DBS Checks?

UK Gymnastics works with an organisation called DBS Services, for all DBS checks. Please visit our DBS page for more information

Q: How often do I need to renew by DBS?

We recommend members renew their DBS certificate every three years. Alternatively you can register for the DBS Update Service. Please visit our DBS page for more information.

Q: I run a club out of a Trampoline Park, can I still be covered?

Unfortunately we are unable to include Trampoline Parks on our policy, and you would not be covered.

UK Gymnastics is the organisation of choice for an ever increasing number of gymnastic clubs, coaches, and gymnasts. Whilst seeking the promotion of the sport of gymnastics in the UK, 

UK Gymnastics is Independent of and has NO direct connection with any other body.


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