Reactivate Gymnastics

It is essential that when clubs are allowed to re-open they able to do so safely by having access to current information.


Therefore, we have created this page to help prepare you to Reactive Gymnastics. 

Roadmap update - Step 2

Following the Prime Ministers press conference on the 5th April, it has been confirmed that Step 2 will come in to effect in England on the 12th April.


This means, from the 12th April indoor leisure and sports facilities will be able to “reopen for individual exercise, or exercise with your household or support bubble and all childcare and supervised activities will be allowed indoors (as well as outdoors) for all children. Parent and child groups can take place indoors (as well as outdoors) for up to 15 people (children under 5 will not be counted in this number).”


Upon reading the guidance published, there has been a change for the number of under 18s allowed to take part in formally organised sport in an indoor environment compared to an outdoor environment.   Formally organised outdoor sport remains unrestricted by gathering limits, however for indoor sport and physical activity for under 18s this has been limited to 15 participants.


Since the announcement of the roadmap, we have been asked about parents being able spectate from inside clubs. We have reviewed the updated Providers of grassroots sport and sport facilities guidance, which states:


“Spectators are not currently permitted in any indoor or outdoor sport facility.  


This does not apply to carers for people with disabilities, or adults needed to supervise under-18s in a safeguarding role. Where it is necessary for them to be present, supervising adults should not mix with others from outside their household or support bubble.”


When planning your sessions please remember to follow local and national guidelines, as well as the guidelines we have issued for reactivating gymnastics. Social distancing rules are still in place and supporting is currently not allowed.

Roadmap to Easing Lockdown

With publication of the Prime Ministers roadmap to easing lockdown in England, we have now reviewed the information, and are able to confirm the following information. (Please check devolved government websites as the rules might differ)

There are four steps on the roadmap:

Step 1 easing takes place on the 8th & 29th March

Step 2 easing will begin no earlier than the 12th April

Step 3 easing will begin no earlier than the 17th May

Step 4 easing will begin no earlier than the 21st June


The dates for steps 2, 3 and 4 and no set-in stone and may be pushed back if needed. The Government have said that there will be at least 5 weeks between each step and they will give a weeks’ notice for the new step to come in to affect.


Step 1

  • From the 29th March, formally organised outdoor sport for adults and under 18s will not be subject to gathering limits.


We have checked with the insurers and have confirmed that similar to last year, you will be able to conduct outdoor training. This training must be outdoors, with no use of indoor facilities. Full risk assessments and safety measures must be in place, whilst following social distancing rules and our ratio guidelines.


Step 2

  • Indoor leisure facilities will be able to reopen to individuals and household groups only, and all children’s activities can resume.


This means that under 18s indoor sport can resume. Please note where you have over 18s taking part in group classes they cannot return to indoor sessions at this time. They can train on their own or if in groups then it must be outside.


Step 3

  • Indoor adult group sports and exercise classes can resume.


Over 18s can return to indoor training.


  • Indoor sporting events will also be able to resume with limited numbers.


Limited competitions can return


Step 4

  • Remaining restrictions to be lifted.


This will mean coaching courses can resume. We do not have any dates for courses yet.


Please note we will not begin announcing any in person Competitions or Courses until after the government have announced the relaxation of rules have come in to force.


While clubs have been shutdown due to COVID-19 in agreement with Bluefin Sport, the insurance has been extended to include video based sessions.

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