It is essential that when clubs are allowed to re-open they able to do so safely by having access to current information.


Therefore, we have created this page to help prepare you to Reactive Gymnastics.  


Please bear with us while, we are prepare this page.  We are currently creating relevant documents and will be adding these along with information from credible sources as they becomes available. 


On the 9th July the UK Government announced that indoor gyms, swimming pools and sports facilities can reopen from the 25th July.


We have reviewed the government guidance linked with this announcment and discussed with Bluefin Sport and apart from one slight change, the guidelines we published prior to the announcement are suitable.

The change required relates to the number of participants allowed. After reviewing and speak with Bluefin, there has not been a limit set by the UK Government, therefore we have amended this point. Each club is different, and must take in to account the number of participants in each session whilst being able to follow social distancing guidelines and have suitable air flow within the area. While keeping this in mind clubs must also not exceed the Participant Ratio rules set by the insurers.


While clubs have been shutdown due to COVID-19 in agreement with Bluefin Sport, the insurance has been extended to include video based sessions. With lockdown measures begin to be lifted across the UK and as long as relevant, social distancing and gathering rules allows, the insurance has also been extended to cover one one sessions in public places. 

UK Gymnastics is the organisation of choice for an ever increasing number of gymnastic clubs, coaches, and gymnasts. Whilst seeking the promotion of the sport of gymnastics in the UK, 

UK Gymnastics is Independent of and has NO direct connection with British Gymnastics 

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