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Sunday 23rd June 2019

Mosslands School

Mosslands Drive

Wallasey Village


CH45 8PJ

Steph Rimmer / New Brighton Gymnastics

Saturday 25th May 2019

Steph Rimmer

T 07896 300036

E stephanierimmer1231@hotmail.co.uk


  • The cost of the competition is £15 per gymnast.

  • Every gymnast will receive a medal for taking part and 1st, 2nd,3rd  and 4th place medals will also be rewarded.

  • Trophies are given to the top overall scorer for each level

  • A club trophy is awarded to the highest scoring club which will be returned the following year


  • There will be different age groups at each level which will be confirmed when all entries are in.

  • Age will go on how old the gymnast is on the day of competition.

  • Coaches please put gymnasts on appropriate levels.

  • Gymnasts must move up to the next level the following year if their combined floor and vault score is 16 or over.

  • The competition is not on a sprung floor but our 2mx12m roll out tracks 2000 mats.

  • Floor routines will be performed in a straight line and must be performed in the order shown on the level.

  • Vaults will be on different vaults depending on the level.

  • Each club is to provide a judge or can pay a fee of £25 for no judge.

Competition levels: 1. Red    2.Orange   3.Yellow    4.Green   5. Blue  6.Indigo  7.Violet


  • £15 Per Gymnast


The deadline for entries & payment is 25th May 2019

Entries can be emailed to: stephanierimmer1231@hotmail.co.uk or posted to:

New Brighton Gymnastics Club

St Andrews Community Centre

Rake Lane


CH45 5DQ


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