Disclosure and Barring Service

Members who require DBS checks, UK Gymnastics works with an organisationc called DBS Services. 

DBS Services is a Registered Body with the Disclosure and Barring Service (previously called the Criminal Records Bureau – CRB), and are approved by the Disclosure and Barring Service(CRB) to process DBS Checks for eligible applicants,  small or large Organisations.                                                                        


They have provide a professional, personal, and efficient checking service and have been an Umbrella Body since 2002.

​Those aged 16 and over who are regularly working with or supervising children and / or vulnerable adults are required to have a DBS carried out. 

If you require  a DBS application form please email jason.wise@ukgymnastics.com and we can arrange for forms to be posted directly to you. 

We recommend that members renew their DBS certificate every three years. We recommend three years, as DBS certificates do not expiry, they only show information available at the time the check was completed. Alternatively you can register for the DBS Update service ( This allows applicants to keep their DBS certificates up to do date).

If you have any questions regarding the status of your application please contact DBS Services directly

Web: dbs.services/

Email:  info@dbs.services

Tel: 01924 283 236

UK Gymnastics is the organisation of choice for an ever increasing number of gymnastic clubs, coaches, and gymnasts. Whilst seeking the promotion of the sport of gymnastics in the UK, 

UK Gymnastics is Independent of and has NO direct connection with British Gymnastics 


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