Gymnastics for all

Level two

Gymnastics For All Level 1 will qualify you as an Assistant Coach in this discipline (Also reffered to as General Gymnastics).

You will develop your skills to support gymnasts on a range of equipment including beams, bars & vault. You will work with both male and female gymnasts or various ages. 

Course Details


Course attendees must be at least 16 years old (Course attendees under 18 years will not be able to run a class) & hold either coach or freelance coach membership with UK Gymnastics.

Course Duration

2 Days - Theory, Practical followed by an assessment carried out during the course

Do I need to bring participants


What resources are included

Discipline specific resource pack 


£225 (Must also hold UK Gymnastics Coach or Freelance Coach Membership) 

Should a futher assessment be required this may an incur additional charge

Course Syallbus

Common Core

  • Ethical coaching responsibilities

  • Safety in coaching

  • Group organisation

  • Physical development

  • The growing and developing gymnast

  • Fitness and training theory

  • Basic nutrition and healthy living

  • Development of talent

  • Physical training profile norms

  • Post course and preparation for assessment

  • Revision of biomechanics level 1

  • Biomechanics level 2

Practical Delivery

  • Warm up and physical preparation 

  • Coordination and agility

  • Jumps and landings from platforms

Floor Skills

  • Straddle lever  

  • Splits 

  • Box splits

  • Balances for floor

  • Headstand

  • Handstand

  • Y balance

  • Arabesque 

Acrobatic Skills

  • Handstand forwards roll

  • Cartwheel quarter turn inwards 

  • One handed cartwheel

  • Round off

  • Handstand bridge to stand

  • Forwards and backwards walkovers

  • Handspring

  • Back flic

Vault Skills

  • Run up

  • Take off, hurdle step and jump from board

  • Handspring to back lie 

  • Handspring vault 

Bars Skills

  • Upwards circle 

  • Cast to land on the floor

  • Cast to backwards hip circle

  • Backward hip circle on high bar 

  • Cast to squat on low bar, stand to jump to front support high bar

  • Undershoot from standing 

  • Undershoot from sole support - pike or straddle

  • High bar work

  • Hand grips

  • Body shaping 

  • Trolley swing  

  • Swinging to the horizontal on chalk bar and in gloves and loops

  • Working in gloves and loops on polished bar

  • Swing with half turn 

Bench/Beam Skills

  • Squat and straddle on

  • Walking into chasse

  • Forwards and backwards turns

  • Turns on one foot

  • Jumps

  • Stretched jump and the basics of all other jumps

  • Jumps for bench and beam

  • Basic skills for bench and beam

  • Adapting basic skills from floor to beam

  • Handstand on the beam

  • Dismounts

  • Cartwheel quarter turn off

  • Round-off

  • Handspring dismount

Partner Work

  • Leap frog and cartwheel over base

  • Balances and partner

  • Front support group 

  • Headstand, handstand group 

  • Counter balance group 

  • Trampette 

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