Low Level Sports Acrobatic Competition


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Sunday 31st March 2019

Mosslands Drive

Wallasey Village


CH45 8PJ

Steph Rimmer / New Brighton Gymnastics

Tuesday 29th January 2019 

Sports Acro Levels

Tumbling Levels

Steph Rimmer

T 07896 300036

E stephanierimmer1231@hotmail.co.uk

Tumbling Rules

  • In tumbling gymnasts choose a level and must compete both runs in that level

  • There are 2 passes in each of the levels and the scores for each pass are averaged to get the final score for each tumbler.

  • Categories will be confirmed once all entries with levels and ages have been sent in

  • Age as of 1st January 2019

Acrobatics Rules

  • Each pair must perform one move from each row A to J which will equal 10 moves.

  • Column 1 moves are worth 0.1 and column 2 moves are worth 0.3. This will be added to final score for difficulty, so each routine is potentially marked out of 10 for execution and 3 for difficulty, a total of 13.

  • For individual moves partnerships do not have to perform the same moves. One partner could do the 0.1 move and one partner do 0.3 so as a pair averaged, they would get 0.2 difficulty.

  • Age and size of partnerships does not matter but please try to get the top to at least reach the bases shoulder height in fairness to everyone.

  • Routines must be 1 minute 15 seconds to 2 minutes 30 seconds long

  • Each gymnast may perform the same discipline twice such as women's pair but they have to be a top in one and base in another. Therefore, they cannot do a level 3 pair as a top and a level 1 pair as a top too. One gymnast is allowed to perform a mixed pair, Women's pair, Women's trio and tumbling


  • This competition is £6 Per Person Per Discipline. However, if a gymnast performs in three disciplines e.g. pair/trio/tumbling the cost is £15 Per Person

  • Gymnasts may compete just in tumbling or just in acrobatics.


The deadline for entries & payment is 29th January 2019

Entries can be emailed to: stephanierimmer1231@hotmail.co.uk or posted to:

New Brighton Gymnastics Club

St Andrews Community Centre

Rake Lane


CH45 5DQ


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